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Terms & Conditions
The following terms of service (the “Terms”) specify the rules and items that shall be obeyed by all users who use the online homepage (the “Site”) operated by “Link Korea”.
2. Primary Operating Body
The primary operating body of this website is “Link Korea”.
3. Scope of Application
The scope of application of the Terms encompasses the usage of information, reservations and purchases (the “Service”) provided by the Site. All users, members and non-members alike, using the Site are assumed to have agreed to the Terms.
4. Personal Information
“Link Korea” handles personal information of users according to its “Personal Information Protection Policies”, which are separately posted. Users shall agree to these policies before providing their personal information.
Copyrights for all contents (the “Company Contents”) manufactured and provided by “Link Korea” through the Site including screen composition and posted information, intellectual property rights for trademarks and all others such as portrait rights are owned by “Link Korea”. If any of the information provided on the Site is used without permission, you may be subject to a civil or a criminal case. Please contact the person in charge for all inquiries related to authorization for use.
6.Prohibited Actions
The users of the Site shall not do the following. 1. Applying for a membership with false information 2. Interrupting the operation of services provided by “Link Korea” 3. Causing inconvenience for the services provided by “Link Korea” 4. Using the services provided by “Link Korea” with illegal use of credit cards 5. Violating copyrights, personal information protection and other rights vested in “Link Korea”. 6. Violating other laws and regulations 7. All other cases which are deemed inappropriate and inexcusable by “Link Korea”.
7.Exemption from Liabilities
“Link Korea” does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided through this service. Even if particular information may cause a damage or loss suffered by a user, “Link Korea” holds absolutely no liability. Also, “Link Korea” is not responsible for any loss caused by the Site’s inaccessibility for users. In this service, there exist links that connect to other websites and materials. “Link Korea” does not hold any liability in the use of linked website and materials.
8.Membership Information
A membership is required to use the website’s services. A member may be registered as “Link Korea” receives necessary information of him/her from services connected to it including Facebook and Google+. Users who have successfully signed up for “Link Korea” membership may use their IDs for Facebook and Google+. Membership information can be changed via membership information modification feature. Failure to provide accurate information will be regarded as a violation of the Terms, leading to possibly membership termination or denial in service use. Also, if a membership account is not active for an extended period of time, the particular membership can be subject to termination.
“Link Korea” frequently notifies users of necessary, useful information via posting on the website, emails or any other suitable methods.
10.Revision of Terms
“Link Korea” has the right to revise the Terms without the consent of users.
11.Modification of Service
“Link Korea” has the right to modify, suspend or discontinue its services without notifying users in advance. “Link Korea” does not hold any liability in possible losses of users caused by the modification, suspension or discontinuance of its services.
12. Others
If any damage or loss is inflicted upon “Link Korea” by violating the Terms or using illegal services, “Link Korea” may file a lawsuit for damages caused by the particular user.
Revision Date : February 23, 2015 Person-in-charge: Lee Kwang Taek (leekt@linkkorea.co.kr)
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