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Privacy Policy
Link Koreae (the “Company”) focuses its efforts on upholding personal information protection. The Company obeys the guidelines established by Personal Information Protection Act.
1.Consent to collect personal information
The Company provides an Agree button during membership signups for users to click if they concede to let the Company collect their personal information.
2.Purpose of collection and provision of personal information
Personal information refers to pieces of information that can distinguish one individual from another including name, address and contact number.
Most of the Company’s services can be used without having to sign up for a membership but, to provide more improved and higher quality services through the membership service, the Company collects personal information of its users. The Company does not make public of its users’ personal information without obtaining their consent in advance, and the collected information is used in the following ways.
1) It is utilized in improving the Company’s services and system.
2) If a membership is applied to use the services offered by the Company, the particular user’s personal information is provided to its business partners to the extent necessary.
3) It is utilized in events run by the Company and introduction of product services.
4) It is utilized for providing and shipping the Company’s products or services to the users who purchased and used them.
5) It is utilized to answer questions from customers.
6) It is utilized in marketing activities for products and services offered by the Company as well as its partners.
7) It is provided when a government/public institution with proper authority asks to share it (for example, cases in which the government or investigative agencies requests for the information).
8) It is provided if there are sufficient grounds for a need to make public of the personal information of those who harm others and, thus, shall be subject to legal actions.
9) It is utilized in calculating various fees, when applicable.
Also, the Company may share its users’ personal information for the goal of providing newer, more advanced services. If a particular situation does not fall under any of the cases described above, the Company will not provide any of the information it possesses to other businesses or organizations.
3.Period of possession and use of personal information collected by the Company For the duration of a user’s use of the services as a member, the Company retains the user’s personal information. However, if the member him- or herself requests cancellation of membership, the Company will completely delete his/her personal information or make it impossible to be used. Also, the personal information entered for temporary occasions (surveys, events, etc.) will be completely deleted after the particular purpose is achieved or finished. If the temporary personal information is needed in certain cases, it will be stored according to related laws and regulations.
4.Opinions regarding personal information. The Company invites you to share your thoughts and opinions on the processing of personal information. If you may have any ideas or concerns, please contact the administrator below for a speedy and helpful response.
5.Personal Information Administrator Lee Kwang Taek (
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