EG-SIM(Korea SIM card)
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“EG SIM card” keep save your money!
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Data Voice Period SIM card Type Price
1GB Local 15 min 30 days Dual(General / Micro) 25,000 KRW(25 USD)
Nano 30,000 KRW(30 USD)
(10% V.A.T excluded)
Basic rate Local rate SMS LMS MMS
0 KRW 4 KRW/sec 20 KRW/sent 30 KRW/sent 200 KRW/sent
Incoming FREE, International call available (National Rates)
Pick up point & time
Point Time Detail
(Incheon International Airport)
(MON~SUN)07:00 ~ 20:00 Pick-Up-Point
Premium Travel Center
(Seoul Station)
(MON~SUN)08:00 ~ 19:00
Premium Travel Center
(Hongik Univ. Station)
(MON~SUN)09:00 ~ 18:00
Post Office
(Jeju International Airport)
(MON~SUN)09:00 ~ 19:00
Premium Travel Center
(Gimhae International Airport)
(MON~SUN)08:30 ~ 20:30
* Please check the holidays.
Initially provided data(1GB) can be used for up to 30 days after your pick-up. When you use up all the data, the use period ends. After data is all used up, from midnight(00:00) of the following day, you can use data at a fixed rate of 62 won per 1MB.
If you are considering to use a lot of data, please consider below service.
(10% V.A.T excluded)
Data Rate Period
100M 5,000 KRW 30day
500MB 10,000 KRW 30day
1GB 15,000 KRW 30day
How can we register data plane.
“Google Play Store” or “Apple App Store”and download “EG SIM card” .
Long-term Use
If you want to use more than 30 days, opt for long-term use. If you do not choose this option, the use will end automatically after 30 days and the phone number will become invalid.
If you opt for ‘Long-term’ use(option), $10 additional fee applies.
In the case of ‘Long-term’ use, the phone number you receive will be under your own name.
If there is no additional top-up, even if you choose the long-term option, the use will terminate after 30 days.
Long-term users will be charged as below:
(Users applying for long-term will have their payment plan changed within three days of the pick-up)
(10% V.A.T excluded)
Basic rate Local rate SMS LMS MMS
300 KRW/day 1.5 KRW/sec 20 KRW/sent 30 KRW/sent 200 KRW/sent
When you charge 10.000KRW 30day will be extend.
If balance going to zero it will be expire at that time but before 15day you can charge for and keep use.
Basic period Extra charge Final period
Rate Period
30day 10,000 KRW 30day 60day
30,000 KRW 90day 120day
50,000 KRW 150day 180day
100,000 KRW 300day 330day
If you did not choose long-term period on the App show another date of expire but it will be expire after 30day.
Even you choose long-term period if we do not have space it will be cancel and refund your 10$.
You can recharge it at Convenience stores such as GS25.(Please refer to the manual)
If you can’t recharge at GS25, please transfer money to account below.
Name of Bank Industrial Bank Of Korea
Account Number 027-132764-01-010
Name of account holder Lee Kwang Taek(LINK KOREA)
After wire transfer, please send us email at including remittor’s name, remittance, phone number which you want to recharge.
(ex, Lee Kwang Tack / 30,000 / 010-1234-5678)
We’ll take care of it as soon as possible after receiving the email, even if the real time process is not available. (You’ll be charged for remittance)
EG SIM card C/S “Evergreen Mobile”.
Part Contact Business Hours
Face Book (MON~FRI) 09:00~22:00
(Weekend & Holidays) 09:00~18:00
call 1899-6120
Before you pick up we can refund 100%.
After collecting a SIM card, you can not get a refund.
If you did not use it, you can get a refund except SIM card fee.
(SIM card does not need to return.)
① Dual(General / Micro) : 10,000 KRW(10 USD)
② Nano : 15,000 KRW(15 USD)
Your long-term use request received a negative as a matter of agency , we will refund you your long-term use fee in full($10). But non-refundable due to do not use long-term , a refund except SIM card cost
Mail request for a refund :
Check if your mobile phone is compatible. (Please refer to the FAQ.)
Devices with country lock disabled. (SIM-free devices) Disabling of country lock can be checked and performed through the local service provider currently being used.
- If your with Country SIM card lock we can not refund.
2100 MHz UMTS/HSDPA frequencies supported handsets
“How to use” (Please refer to the manual)
If you have more questions find FAQ.
EG SIM card Pick-Up Point Check (New Page)
K-BOOKS(Incheon Airport) /Premium Travel Center(Seoul Station) /
Premium Travel Center(Hongik Univ Station)/
Post Office(Jeju Airport) / Premium Travel Center(Gimhae Airport)
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International Call Rates(005)
(10% V.A.T. excluded)
Nation Code Rate
Australia 오스트레일리아 61 258
Brazil 브라질 55 425
Canada 캐나다 1 78
China 중국 86 69
Denmark 덴마크 45 384
France 프랑스 33 186
Germany 독일 49 246
Hong Kong 홍콩 852 180
India 인도 91 132
Indonesia 인도네시아 62 108
Israel 이스라엘 972 402
Italy 이탈리아 39 498
Japan 일본 81 252
Kazakhstan 카자흐스탄 60 234
Malaysia 말레이시아 60 102
Mexico 멕시코 52 330
Mongolia 몽골 976 111
Myanmar 미얀마 95 522
Netherlands 네덜란드 31 438
New Zealand 뉴질랜드 64 318
Norway 노르웨이 47 384
Phillippines 필리핀 63 230
Poland 폴랜드 48 234
Portugal 포르투갈 351 384
Rumania 루마니아 40 240
Rusia 러시아 7 198
Singapore 싱가폴 65 120
South Africa 남아프리카 27 612
Spain 스페인 34 438
Sri Lanka 스리랑카 94 199
Sweden 스웨덴 46 438
Swizerland 스위스 41 438
Taiwan 대만 886 156
Thailand 태국 66 75
Turkey 터키 90 594
Ukraine 우크라이나 380 240
United Kingdom 영국 44 270
USA 미국 1 78
Uzbekistan 우즈베키스탄 998 140
Vietnam 베트남 84 150
International SMS 국제문자 300