Korea WIFI
Korea 4G/LTE Unlimited WIFI Router

Cooperating with KT Olleh, the largest mobile services company in Korea.

You could enjoy the NATIONWIDE 4G/LTE UNLIMITED DATA service with our SPECIAL DEAL whenever you want.

Use your own tablet or phone access to the internet with 4G/LTE unlimited data by connecting with this pocket Wi-Fi!

Connect with 3 devices would perform the fastest .

Period Price
1 day 5 USD
components Router + Case + Charger
Max speed Upload speed : 10.08Mbps
Download speed : 40.82Mbps
working time
6~7 Hours

1) This is a rental WIFI Router. Please RETURN to us after used.

2) Deposit is required. (By credit card open)

3) All of the credit card info. will be destroyed and deposit will be refund after you have returned the router.

4) Fees for Router (160,000 KRW) + Charger(10,000 KRW) + Pouch(10,000 KRW) will be deducteddirectly from the credit card if it is not returned.

5) For extension, please feel free to contact us by E-mail in anytime

Reservation & Returning

1) Reservation up to 2 DAYS before your arrival date.

2) Read the notice above before making any reservation.

3) After the reservation is confirmed, payment details will be sent to your mailbox.

4) An E-mail with an E-voucher will be sent to you after succeed payment.

5) Please bring your E-voucher along with your passport and visit the reserved pick-up point.

6) Please follow the instructions to recognized the signal.

7) Please return it to us after used.

Pick up point & time
Point Time Detail
Incheon International Airport (Terminal 1) 24H(MON~SUN) Pick-Up-Point
Incheon International Airport (Terminal 2) 24H(MON~SUN)
Gimpo International Airport 07:00 ~ 23:00(MON~SUN)
Hongik Univ Station 09:00 ~ 18:00(MON~SUN)
Gimhae International Airport 06:00 ~ 22:00(MON~SUN)
Busan Harbor 07:00 ~ 19:30(MON~SUN)
* Please check the holidays.
Notices after picked-up

1) If there are any problems during usage, please visit our office at Hongdae or contact our customer service.

2) Please make good use of both roaming centers in case to save your waiting time.

Customer Service Center (09:00 ~ 18:00)
Facebook LINE Wechat Kakaotalk E-Mail
linkkoreasim @linkkorea linkkoreahd @linkkorea linkkorea@linkkorea.co.kr
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  • Pick-up Point*
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  • Payment details(PAYPAL) will be sent to your registered
    E-mail(Please check the spam mailbox as well) in 24HRS after your order has been confirmed.
    Thank you for your patience.
Pick-Up Point Check (New Page)
Incheon Airport / Gimpo Airport / Hongdae Office / Gimhae Airport

/ Busan Harbor / Jeju Airport
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